Mark Neumann’s not a conservative?

by thoughtfulconservative

I like Christian Schneider. I’ve liked him ever since Dennis York hit the blogosphere. I like his humor. I like the fact that he can write “red meat” posts without their sounding red meat. So when he wrote the other day,

“Seems that Mark Neumann is claiming to be a ‘conservative,’ without really knowing what the word means.”

I thought, “Ah, here’s something good to know.”

Because, seemingly, I’m the only conservative blogger in Wisconsin who hasn’t made a clear statement of support for Scott Walker for governor. Or at least it seems that way. So I’m interested in this stuff. I like to vote my values.

So Schneider started off with Neumann’s crazy comment about Citizens United that if he (Neumann) had his way, all outside sources of information except from the candidates themselves would not be allowed.

He did temper his statements with “the Constitution does not allow that” which shows a.) it’s pesky (according to Schneider) or b.) he respects the Constitution.

Fair enough. I’m not too hot on limiting free speech.

So what else was there that proved Neumann was not conservative?

I read through the rest of the post.


That was it.

I’m sure Christian has other reasons for thinking Neumann is not a conservative, but in perusing Neumann’s site, I didn’t find any.

I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer for Christian to post more proofs that Neumann is not a conservative.

Because this one doesn’t prove it to me.

I’m uncomfortable with litmus tests (liberals do it, too, but I don’t care about that) and labels of RINO if someone doesn’t fit into our grid of what should be conservative or Republican.

12 Responses to “Mark Neumann’s not a conservative?”

  1. Thanks for addressing this. I’m going to tackle it next week, too. Then you won’t be the only conservative blogger clearly not it Walker’s camp. I keep looking in the tent, but darn it, I am just not that wild about what I see.

  2. That would be “in” Walker’s camp.

    …You know, someone has this clever little plugin out that lets you edit a comment for a few minutes…

  3. Yeah, now if I could get that clever little plug-in on the free side…

    I could edit it for you …

  4. Yes… its very important to point out exactly what you did. There are plenty of “conservatives” who dislike free speech as well. Look at John McCain. I bet Schneider voted for him in 2010 despite McCain/Feingold, and probably called him a conservative to boot.

    As a libertarian, I can’t stand for what Neumann said. Its downright shameful.

  5. First, thanks for the kind words.

    However, I think you’re twisting what I said a little bit. Nowhere did I say Mark Neumann “isn’t a conservative” – he certainly is conservative on most things. My point was, that while he may be conservative, it is mostly by accident, since he apparently doesn’t know what the word means. There appears to be no philosophical consistency to his position on campaign speech. No “conservative,” as the term is properly understood, would support heavy handed government regulation of political speech.

    Also, I didn’t offer any other examples because, as I said above, my point really isn’t that he’s not conservative. Plus, it’s Walker’s job to point that stuff out (I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty from the Walker campaign about Neumann’s support for cap and trade, his unwillingness to have government employees contribute to their own pensions, etc.)

    And Nick, if you can’t see the difference between having a choice between McCain and Obama, and Walker and Neumann, than I really can’t help you. Totally different situations. I also have never called McCain a “conservative.” You can check my blog and see that I wrote extensively about McCain’s disappointing record on free speech and the like.

  6. If there’s anyone who’s incapable of twisting it’s Dean Mundy.

    Neumann conservative by accident? That’s an odd statement. Either one’s actions are conservative or they aren’t. A good candidate won’t need to wrap himself in labels, conservative or otherwise.

    I’m going to go back and listen to the whole thing soon. What are the chances I’ll find your comments rather out there a bit? I’ll say this for you, you sure caused a stink Christian. We’ll have to wait and see if it sticks. Walker looks to be frying other fish this week. Maybe it’ll just all die down on its own.

  7. Not wanting to twist things I took a look back, Christian, and although you may be technically right I think there’s a very strong implication. First is the sentence I quoted above then there’s this:

    “There isn’t a “conservative” alive that would trust the federal government with that much power to abridge the First Amendment.”

    Then there’s this:

    “Neumann’s claim that he’s the “conservative” in the race for governor has now lost all meaning. Republicans now don’t have to worry about whether there’s any validity to his claim, as Neumann clearly himself doesn’t know what the term means.”

    If the guy doesn’t know what the word means, i.e., what conservatives stand for, how can he be one?

    And now you’ve just named two more issues. So, Christian, do you consider Neumann a conservative, or not?

  8. And now Kyle Maichle has taken this little rant out over the top and called Neumann a RINO and a Democrat by Proxy. We live in odd times.

  9. Via grumps above, I looked at Kyle Maichle’s post.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that drives me bonkers. Because a guy is wrong on one issue, we’re going to throw him under the bus. Is it any wonder we can’t get good candidates any more? YouTube, camera phones, going after kids (and I’m talking about both Palin and Obama here), and, excuse my French, crap like this is enough to scare any one off from running.

    Someone would have to pay me big bucks to run for office.

    Should we point it out? Yes. Should we somehow imply he’s “doesn’t know what the word conservative means,” is a “RINO” (whatever that is) or “a closet Democrat” because of one issue? No.

    But that’s my opinion. And who am I? Just a guy with a blog….


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