Milwaukee Food Tour

by thoughtfulconservative

After the aborted Air and Water Show on Saturday, the missus and I had a good time going on a food tour from Milwaukee Food Tours. We had never been to the Historic Third Ward so it gave us a chance to experience that also. Yeah, i know, we’re lame. 🙂

We took the Historic Third Ward tour. Our guide was Karen (@karencooksit) who was very knowledgeable about the Third Ward and its history. For example, did you know that only one firehouse ever burned down in Wisconsin and it was housed in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward?

Along the way, we had soup, appetizer, pizza, beer, main course of beef kebabs and champagne at six different establishments. I could tell you where we went but the exact restaurants may vary from tour to tour. The tour took about 2 and a half hours and we were stuffed at the end.

They have five other tours that can be taken, the Brady Street Tour, Riverwalk & Old World Third Street, Bloody Mary Brunch, and the Village of Wauwatosa Dinner.

I didn’t think the price of $45 per person was out of line, so I can recommend them. Check them out.

Milwaukee Food Tours are also on Twitter @MKEFoodTour.


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