To the Gentle Reader

by thoughtfulconservative

Regular readers may have noticed a subtle shift in the way I’m blogging. There is less of the short “Quick Hit” pieces I used to do. I now do those through Twitter or Google Reader. Feeds of those can be found on the right hand column. Or you can “follow” me either place. Links at either place do not necessarily mean that I agree with all or part of what is said, only that I found it interesting.

Now I’m not saying I’m never doing a quick hits post again. If I have several readings that fit a theme, for example, Wisconsin political stories 2010-06-04 or June 6, 1944 Round-up and thoughts, I will combine those in a post. Others I will shoot to Eggs for his Morning Scramble.

On the blog, posts will tend to be longer with more of my own thoughts on a particular subject.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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