Tom Barrett thinks Scott Walker has the right idea

by thoughtfulconservative

Here’s part of his plan to “put Madison on a diet” and the projected savings:

Cutting Waste

•Work to combine state and local government employees’ purchasing power statewide: $339 million.

•Create incentives for BadgerCare Plus enrollees to select low-cost plans: $200 million.

•Cut prisoner health care costs: $9.5 million.

•Improve financial administration and control overpriced contracts: $76 million. Eliminate Unneeded Bureaucracy

•Implement comprehensive Sunset Review system of all regulatory program, commissions and boards. Texas realized a $37 return for each $1 invested in this initiative.

•Right-size state workforce, reduce middle management and limit high-priced contractors: $34 million.

•Eliminate the offices of Secretary of State and State Treasurer: $1 million. Improving Efficiency

•Move Wisconsin state government into the 21st Century with technological upgrades: $175 million.


It looks like he agrees with the Republican candidate for State Treasurer Kurt Schuller who favors an amendment to abolish both offices.

The Journal Sentinel has called for abolition of the office of Secretary of State in the past.

Anytime we can cut waste and improve efficiency, I’m all for it, even if a Democrat is proposing it.

Then again maybe mayor Barrett is a Sheriff David Clarke kind of Democrat.



One Comment to “Tom Barrett thinks Scott Walker has the right idea”

  1. Now, Dean, you know that isn’t what Scott Walker is proposing. Walker wouldn’t encourage people to take the less expensive version of Badger Care – he would cut it out entirely, making health insurance premiums (and your tax dollars) sky rocket. And do I need to remind you that prison costs are so high because of Walker’s unfinished “Truth in Sentencing” bill. And don’t even get me going on Walker and technical upgrades. My work PC has more seniority that I do.

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