So I can’t belong to the Tea Party?

by thoughtfulconservative

So insists John Amato and David Neiwert in their book, “Over the Cliff: How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane” according to Steve Levingston at Political Bookworm

They believe there are 10 fictitious Tea Party beliefs:

1. The birth-certificate conspiracy.

2. Death panels.

3. Obama is a Muslim/Socialist/Fascist.

4. Obama is going to take away our guns.

5. Obama is raising our taxes.

6. Fascism is a left-wing phenomenon.

7. Global warming is a hoax.

8. Some 16,000 new IRS agents will enforce the new health care reform act by throwing you in jail.

9. Two million people were at the 9/12 March on Washington.

10. The Tea Parties are a non-partisan, broad grassroots movement.

Well, I don’t believe them all, so….

3 Responses to “So I can’t belong to the Tea Party?”

  1. Well, I don’t believe them all either. But sadly, there are a lot of tea partiers who believe at least some of the more whacky things on that list. The fact that they invite Farrah to their national conventions, shows that there is at least some support for the birth certificate BS. You can’t watch Glenn Beck without hearing plenty of #3. And frankly, with Palin, I wonder whether she believes Death Panels are really true, or just hyperbole. Either way, there is a lot of unhealthy crap in that movement… certainly enough that it keeps me away.

  2. So, the logical question is which ones do I believe?

    I’m not a “birther,” so subtract that one. Whether or not Obama is a socialist or fascist would depend on how broadly you define the terms. That may be something for another post. Let it suffice to say that I don’t think Obama is Muslim or Fascist and tends toward socialism in the same way the Democratic Party as a whole tends toward socialism, something that has kept me from knowingly voting for a Democrat.

    Obama might want to take our guns and raise taxes, but he has not done so and I don’t believe he will.

    Number 9 and 10 are not germane to the debate. Who cares if either is true or false?

    Since I don’t subscribe to Left-Right politics (except where it might be convenient for argument simplicity) Fascism is not a left wing phenomenon. Communism and Fascism does have certain similarities.

    I don’t believe there are death panels in the health care bills, but there does appear to be some disturbing language on government control of health care choices, largely in the area of recommendations and price controls.

    I don’t believe Global Warming is a hoax, not man-made global warming. Data is data. Where I disagree is the interpretation of that data, but I don’t believe there is a conspiracy.

    Sixteen thousand new IRS agents? Who knows what they might be for.

    Like Nick, though I have friends who are in the Tea Party movement and am favorable to some of their goals, there appear to be many who hold say some wacky things, Rand Paul comes immediately to mind as well as some talk show hosts, I do not consider myself a Tea Partier.


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