by thoughtfulconservative

[UPDATE: Mr. Schuller responds more fully on his blog. I’ll assume it’s because he’s new to blogging that he didn’t link this post.]

OK, I got a Facebook invitation from Kurt Schuller, a Republican who’s running for Wisconsin state treasurer. His invitation read,

Kurt says, “I invite my fellow wisconsin [sic] conservatives to help me shrink wisconsins [sic] bloated government. Please consider joining my group. I hope you can support my effort”.

So I’m thinking, “What’s he gonna do?” Treasurers just sign checks in Wisconsin and other stuff.


But I thought, “Well, I’ll click on his web site just for fun.”

Whoa. The dude wants to be the last state treasurer for Wisconsin. He says it will save $3 million or more.

He says the treasurer doesn’t even signs checks– just sits on some boards and oversees stuff.


But $3 million? Really?

Who knows?

4 Comments to “Overexuberant?”

  1. I would hope that fellow conservatives are smarter than this.
    All state checks are signed by the Treasurer.
    The treasurer also runs 3 very important programs for the state that…hold on one second…DON’T COST THE STATE ANY MONEY.
    Can you believe it???
    The office and its workers and even the treasurer’s salary are paid for through program dollars. $350 Million in Unclaimed Property…the interest pays for the office and is also given to the state public school libraries.
    Let’s not forget EdVest – helping families save for college.
    And LGIP – my community used $3 million in a loan to build a police station…money from the treasurer’s office.
    So, to eliminate it would mean the office gets transported to the Department of Administration since Unclaimed Prperty is a state statute.
    Please…learn things before believing this loon.

  2. He’s a loon? What a terrible thing to say about a fellow conservative….

    The greater question is, we need to have elections so that someone can do this?

    Let the governor appoint someone.

    Better yet the the legislature. God knows they can’t do anything else.

    And who reads blog posts on a weekend, anyway?

  3. Hi Its the Loon here. Please inform yourself before casting stones. On my website is a proposed constitutional ammendment authored by Rep Scot Suder which lays out the plan and the savings. Rep suder a national guardman just back from deployment in Afghanistan is certainly not a loon either. It is not loony to streamline Government and an office that has become a corrupt dumping ground for partisan appointments has no place in a conservative Wisconsin government

    Kurt Schuller

  4. My guess (because I distrust all things government) is that dude see’s federal control of state budgets coming down the track and is riding that train before anyone else hears it coming.
    Impossible you say?
    …not anymore.

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