Ah, those crazy politicians,

by thoughtfulconservative

bloggers and news outlets.

President Obama has made some recess appointments and to read and listen to the buzz, you’d think no one has ever done this before.

Ah, yes, the old game of political hypocrisy is in full swing. Democrats who criticized Bush when he made recess appointments now say President Obama is justified in making his. And Republicans criticize Obama while forgetting all the ones Bush made.

Actually recess appointments have been used by presidents since the founding of the republic. And it’s completely legal!

But to listen to the cries of outrage from both sides you’d think that Presidents Obama or Bush (depending on your political leaning and time frame) invented it and is using it for dastardly purposes.


You’d never guess by what is being said/written that all these folks held opposite opinions a couple of years earlier.

Newsmax labeled the move “Sneaky.” I’m fairly certain they never used that label with Bush’s appointments.

Likewise the New York Times.

Righty blogs are outraged now, but not so much back then.

Lefty blogs? Just the reverse. (I’ll let you find them; I’m too tired.)

Politicians? Likewise. Note this about John McCain.

And, of course, the president, who, as the ultimate politician tries to have it every which way he can, opposing the filibuster while voting for it.

Let’s get to something important, people.


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