If you see one movie this year…

by thoughtfulconservative

Ever hear of Briargate Christian School? No? Well, it was called Wingate Christian School in the movie. How about Michael Oher? Ah, getting closer.

Yes, I’m talking about “The Blind Side” the movie that received a nomination for Best Movie and won Sandra Bullock an Academy award for Best Actress.

It’s a movie that connects emotionally. A poor black homeless kid gets taken in by a well-to-do white family. Southern family.

Kinda breaks all the stereotypes Hollywood tries to set up.

But the story is too compelling to ignore.

I get so wrapped up in the story….

Jae Head as Sean, Jr., captured the crowd.

There are few surprises; you could probably surmise the story line without even seeing the movie.

But if you want to feel good for a change and go see a movie where you don’t have to worry about what’s going to come out of an actor’s mouth or how much of their body you’re going to see, this movie’s for you.

And besides, it’s at the Silver Budget Theater–can’t beat the price.


2 Comments to “If you see one movie this year…”

  1. I watched this movie just last night. I cried about 17 different times.

  2. Ur movie was super i dnt hav words 2 appreciate u
    i also cogarulate u fr bring a movie like this iam roy’s friend mejochettan is roy’s friend

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