Waukesha mayoral candidates part 1

by thoughtfulconservative

This is the first of probably several posts on the spring primary coming up February 16.

First the candidates in alphabetical order (Links on names point to candidate websites, any info about candidates are from this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article unless a separate link is displayed).

Bill Beglinger, a police officer for 28 years, is running and had an editorial in the Waukesha Freeman (who has invited all five candidates to submit one although only Beglinger and Scrima have thus far done so) explaining why he thinks taxes can be lower with examples. He also notes a listening session he will hold from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 4 at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church.

Darryl Enriquez wrote for many years about Waukesha for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also continued this at his website Waukesha News Online, which is on hiatus while he runs for mayor.

Larry Nelson is the incumbent, having been elected 4 years ago after former mayor Carol Lombardi retired. Some were surprised that Nelson, a Democrat, was elected in a Republican stronghold. They should take a walk downtown sometime. Besides that local elections are less about party ideology and more about local issues. Though I may disagree with his Democratic leanings, in his four years as mayor, there is little to complain about. Most of what he tried to accomplish was overwhelmingly approved by the Common Council.

Randy Radish has been a council member for several years, representing the downtown area. He probably has the most experience with city government.

Jeff Scrima is a developer who is the only candidate who thinks the mayoral position should be part time. He cited high property taxes as a reason for running. He used his editorial to advocate caution on hooking up to Milwaukee water until the situation has been studied further.

Most of these gentlemen are long time residents of the city and have served the city in various capacities.

The Freeman is also eliciting responses from the candidates on different issues and publishing them each Saturday. Last Saturday was on homelessness and this week’s was whether the mayor should be a full time job.

There was also an article in the Freeman about how the candidates stayed informed on city issues.

That will start for an overview. Future posts will delve into particulars.


One Comment to “Waukesha mayoral candidates part 1”

  1. I’ve never been impressed with Larry Nelson, even in the primary 4 years ago. There is enough for me to say that we need a new mayor. Case in point: One of Nelson’s First city budget came out with almost 2 years ago with no tax increase prior to the state coming out with their biennial budget. After the state hammered out a budget allowing the city to raise property taxes by 4%, Nelson pulls it back to install that increase into his budget. He’s just an irresponsible individual.

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