Legislators legislating legislation

by thoughtfulconservative

I’m talkin’ about the whole kit and kaboodle. US House, US Senate, Wisconsin legislature. Probably yours. Could include county supervisors, city councils, school boards. Go ahead take your turn at naming one.

What most of these have in common (I can’t say all, because some one would say, “Prove it!” and I can’t) is the propensity to invade into areas that don’t really concern them or that are a waste of time and they wouldn’t have thought about it except for the fact that some lobbying group is telling them how many votes they would get if they would co-sponsor this wonderful bill that is really non-controversial.


OK, let’s look at some particulars:

The first is the most recent of Wisconsin state symbols–cheese as the official state snack.

Cheese would become Wisconsin’s official state snack under a bill up for public hearing on Thursday.The proposal by Democratic state Sen. Jim Sullivan of Wauwatosa doesn’t differentiate between cheddar, blue or Swiss. And it also doesn’t say anything about curds.

Yes, folks a state snack. I’m sure you also remember hearing that the Wisconsin legislature is debating the state microbe and state motorcycle:

But a pair of contenders hoping to join the state symbol club would honor two equally famous Wisconsin traditions: cheese and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

One bill, introduced last week, aims to celebrate Lactococcus lactis, a tiny organism that makes the state’s estimated $18 billion per year cheese industry possible, by naming it the official state microbe. The other, introduced in the Senate on Wednesday, would designate Harley-Davidson the Wisconsin state motorcycle.

No time for less important issues like school funding and the budget deficit.

Congress, of course, gets in on the act. Now that they have successfully given us the 2,000+ page health care bill, they have time to tackle important things like probing NFL  concussions.

These are not the only examples. Most states have symbols ranging from amphibians to trees.

It’s mostly harmless cheerleading. And it keeps them away from serious legislation that might screw with my life some more.

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