Vote April 7th.

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: I voted today (April 3). The reasons I voted for these two should be obvious, but in case one is confused, let me spell it out. Their opponents are liberal whose views do not match mine.

OK, I had to come out of retirement to post my vote-getters next Tuesday.




3 Responses to “Vote April 7th.”

  1. Great choices Dean. How about local elections?

  2. In my ward, there was only the school board and I had four choices for three seats, three of whom were incumbents. Education is a weak spot; I have no children or grandchildren in school (I would recommend private school anyway). I read the Freeman article and didn’t like the answers Mary Boudry gave and so I voted for one of the three incumbents–I don’t even remember which, I think it was Madden.

    Spring elections to me are a waste of energy, manpower and money and the faster Wisconsin does away with them the better.


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