by thoughtfulconservative

OK, now that I’ve got a little time, let me add some details.

First thanks for all the kind comments to the previous post. I am humbled.

Next, I will still be on Facebook. I will still get comments from the blog here, so you can contact me that way or e-mail me at thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [dot] com. I will still join the live blog at Blogs.4Bauer.com when “24” is on.

I still will attend Drinking Right and Blog ‘n’ Grog when I can. I will still vote for conservative candidates. I will attend political events as I can. I might even write letters to the editor at the Freeman and Journal Sentinel.

Now, the reason. I am fine. Blogging and twitter were just taking too much time and other things (not work) were falling behind. So I decided I needed a clean break.

Is it permanent? I have no idea. I will owe a blog post after I’ve finished a book and post a review here and at Amazon.com.

But I’ve got to catch up first. Then we’ll see.

See most of you at the next Drinking Right (Lord willing).


3 Comments to “Update”

  1. I’ve gladly relinquished facebook and twitter. I have my concentration back 🙂 Good luck with everything, the new world of technology is definitely a double-edged sword.

  2. Best of luck to you Dean, and hope to see you at DR..

  3. Prayer… a two handed endeavor… Take care Brotha !!!

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