“Justice Dept. defending Bush secrets”

by thoughtfulconservative

From msdnc.com

Despite President Barack Obama’s vow to open government more than ever, the Justice Department is defending Bush administration decisions to keep secret many documents about domestic wiretapping, data collection on travelers and U.S. citizens, and interrogation of suspected terrorists.

Hmmm. I wonder why. No, really, I do. Do any of my left-of-center friends want to take a shot?

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2 Comments to ““Justice Dept. defending Bush secrets””

  1. Just a wild, but extremely logical guess, but it is probably because Obama doesn’t want the country to get caught up in a fervor to hold Bush/Cheney/Rummie etc responsible for their questionable behaviors when we have other, more immediate concerns to attend to.

    But that is just my SWAG on the matter.

  2. That is certainly makes sense. I seem to remember some talk about wanting to avoid that.

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