“MRQ, the King has no undies”

by thoughtfulconservative

Monday Random Quotes has been posted at Real Debate Wisconsin.

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3 Comments to ““MRQ, the King has no undies””

  1. http://sites.google.com/site/obamabirth/


    Yes, indeed, the King has no undies.

    Barack Obama has not Citizenship, he has no qualification, he has no clothes of legality to hold POTUS.

    And children (the innocent citizens) in the street are the ones who can say that Obama has no clothes (no citizenship).

    The big politicians and the Supreme Court of the US and all other govt officials coudnt see what ordinary people can see: The Emperor has no citizenship at all.

    14. Scenario One: Barack was born in Kenya to a US citizen mother who was less than 19 years old and a father who was not a US citizen.

    Status: Then Obama is NOT even a U.S. citizen at all, according to the law existing in 1961 his year of birth. (see full discussion below)

    15. Scenario Two: Barack was born in Hawaii but his father was British anyway.

    Status: Then Barack is a Citizen but NOT a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the US Constitution, law, and jurisprudence. (see full discussion below.)

    What would have happened in the early days of the United States if President George Washington were succeeded along the presidential line by a hypothetical son of Major-General William Howe who commanded the British forces in the Battle of Bunker Hill and a hypothetical American citizen mother?

    After the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the American Revolution, do you think that the American Constitution would have considered the aforementioned hypothetical son of General Howe and his hypothetical American wife a Natural Born Citizen?

    This is a good way to portray Barack Obama II’s citizenship being born to a British father and an American mother, regardless of whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya.

    Three requisites, all of which must concur, for Natural Born Citizenship eligible for President of the U.S.:

    1. Father must be US Citizen (either Naturalized or Natural Born)


    2. Mother must be US Citizen (either Naturalized or Natural Born)


    3. Must be born in US soil

    What do

    Barack Obama,

    the first African-American President of the United States,


    Sun Yat-Sen,

    the first President of the Republic of China

    have in common?

    Yes, they were both born in Hawaii, or so they claim.

    Click on this link to see Sun Yat-sen’s “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” despite having been born in Guangdong, China.

    All the more to suspect that Obama was born in Kenya yet obtained the same infamous “Certification” in Hawaii.

    What a coincidence!



  2. Sorry, Michelle, not convinced by your conspiracy theory, in fact, I think concentrating on such bogus rabbit trails harms rather than helps. You’re not going to get Obama out of office, especially using stuff like this, meanwhile you look like someone wearing tin foil hats.

    Barack Obama is a citizen of the US and lawfully elected president.

  3. We’re going to be hearing from these people until the day this man leaves office. Just like the ones who believed the Clintons were mass murderers. How do they not recognize that they are kooks? And isn’t there medication for people like this?

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