Obama creates faith-based office

by thoughtfulconservative

Via the AP

Obama said the office would work with nonprofit organizations “both secular and faith-based” and would help them determine how to make a bigger impact in their cities, learn their obligations under the law and cut through government red tape.

I don’t have any problem with this and, in fact, I’m glad to see it. As a conservative, I believe that private entities are more efficient than the federal government, and in most cases already have programs in place.

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5 Comments to “Obama creates faith-based office”

  1. If W would have done this there would have been screaming and wailing from the Left that religious extremists were taking over the government. Where’s the Freedom from Religion crowd now?

  2. I’m all for it as long as they aren’t using government dollars to proselytize or engaging in discriminatory hiring practices.

  3. Huck, I think some did, but since it wasn’t W we didn’t hear much about it.

    Scott, me, too, within reason. Small, isolated instances of proselytization ( even by those who disagree with me), would not be a problem.

    And do you think that if I applied to a gay rights organization, even though I believe homosexuality is wrong, should be required to hire me?

  4. If you’re willing and able to do your job and they’re receiving government funding, yes I do.

  5. And I would argue that’s only fair. I’m sure some exception to that might be thought of by somebody at some time, but again one could argue that’s the price of taking government money. If you don’t want to follow government policy, don’t take their money. That’s a premise, I hit again in the post above on limiting the pay (not yet, posted as I write this, but about to be).

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