Quote of the day 02/02/09

by thoughtfulconservative

From the one and only Huckleberry Dumbell at Spring City Chronicle

You know what would restore some confidence? Order IRS tax audits of every member of Congress. Right now.

Probably would balance the budget too.

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6 Comments to “Quote of the day 02/02/09”

  1. Especially if Tom Daschle is one of the most honest people they know.

  2. And then, what? Make all the results of the audits public? And what after that? After we presumably come up with hundreds of people whose audits have turned up problems? Auto-eject them from their offices? What exactly would this whole thing accomplish besides demonstrating that people in washington often have unpaid tax liabilities?

  3. “Auto-eject them from their offices?” Still my heart! 😉

    Look, maybe we could get some serious work done simplifying the tax code (Yeah, I’m not holding my breath!). It’s obviously too complicated. Unless you have a simple return, you can’t fill it out without help; hence the growth industry of tax preparation software and businesses, although they can’t even get it right.

  4. Simplifying the tax code or at least taking an honest look at it would be an accomplishment in and of itself. A little humility from those in “charge” wouldn’t be bad either.

  5. Usually when someone wants to “simplify” the tax code, what they really mean is they want a smokescreen for the purposes of flattening the tax burden. Convince me that’s not going to happen and I’m all for simplemaking.

  6. Guaranteeing it’s not going to happen would be guaranteeing what Congress would do and who can guarantee that. But I wouldn’t care if the burden were kept just as it is.

    Most of this stuff are breaks for this, credits for that, pay if you do this, exempt if you do that. Can’t we find a way to build some of this stuff in permanently so we don’t need pages and pages of tax code that we have to understand before we know what we can and can’t do?

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