24 thus far

by thoughtfulconservative

We’re seven episodes into season 7 of the popular FOX show 24 and I thought I’d share a couple of observations.

I like the major themes so far. There’s no oddball story line sucking time away from the main story line like last season. Everything appears to tie in or will tie in eventually.

The program, which broke ground with not one, but two African American presidents (Did this pave the way for Obama’s victory?) now has a female president.

Now one thing I haven’t liked:


Yes, Tony is alive! The CTU, although disbanded, still has Buchanon and Chloe to aid Jack in his quests. Renee, the FBI agent, was rescued and resusitated. The presidents husband comes out of a drug-induced paralysis to prevent a plot from being successful. I’m halfway wondering if Michelle and Edgar will appear. Maybe Emerson is not really dead.

But overall things seem to be progressing better than last year. There’s the usual ineptness of the federal government, but not it’s still believable, because the suspense sucks you along.

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