Rebel flag to rise again at I-75

by thoughtfulconservative

From Tampa Bay

With NFL officials from New York and football teams from Pittsburgh and Phoenix about to march on Tampa, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have vowed this:

The 1,800-square-foot confederate battle flag shall rise again.

The flag flies near the intersection of I-4 and I-75 just east of Tampa. It’s part of a memorial to Confederate veterans.

Many in the South look at the Confederate battle flag as merely harking back to a period of history, of their ancestry. Many also see it as freedom of expression.

African-Americans see it as a symbol of slavery.

Most of the time, however, the Stars and Bars comes out in response to some racial issue, usually when the perception is that African-Americans are being favored to whites. It was extensively used in the South to terrorize African-Americans and those who sought to aid them.

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2 Comments to “Rebel flag to rise again at I-75”

  1. I agree, 100%.
    People are STUPID to think that the Confederate flag is bad and racist.
    What is really bad, is homosexual people that want to get married in a church.

  2. Anyway, I needed to reread. I have many friends that love their Confederate Flag, and say its heritage, not hate, I agree


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