Exactly what I want to know

by thoughtfulconservative

Where Will Guantánamo Detainees Go?

One day after President Obama ordered that the military detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, be shuttered, lawmakers in Washington wrestled with the implications of bringing dozens of the 245 remaining inmates onto American soil.

Another example of the law of unintended consequences. We all know why Obama made the pledge, but carrying it out won’t be so easy. NIMBYs will abound.

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One Comment to “Exactly what I want to know”

  1. My assumption is that federal prisons are pretty secure facilities. They’re all already full of really dangerous people who could, in the very unlikely event they escaped, blend right in with the local population. Why would any of these (illegally held) prisoners be any more likely to escape? They certainly don’t have special “escaping” skills. If any of them did escape, again highly unlikely, how far would they get?

    Plus, we don’t even really know how many of this 245 are actual threats, exactly because no charges are being brought, although the case could certainly be made that if they weren’t threats before, they probably are now, after years of incarceration.

    Put them in federal prisons, bring charges if you have evidence, and sentence them if they’re guilty. Rule of law, and all. By making them out to be to some kind of super-criminals, we’ve been giving them martyr status, even further elevating Guantanamo as a recruiting tool for terrorists.

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