Rep. Sensenbrenner

by thoughtfulconservative

Renee Crawford ran into him at a function while in Washington and had this to say,

As we walking into the party, the first person I in the packed room was none other than F. Jim Sensenbrenner! What a surprise that was! You have to give him credit. Dude represents everyone in his district and whether or not he agrees with the democrats he represents, it was really a classy move for him to be there! On top of that, he was really friendly and in a great mood and we had a genuine discussion about voting rights that was interesting and important and I appreciated him taking a moment to spend with me letting me know his thoughts. More on that in another post on another day. Thank Sensy for your graciousness today of all days. It was noticed.

This seems to be the antithesis of what’s usually reported about Sensenbrenner and I thank Renee for graciously reporting this.

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One Comment to “Rep. Sensenbrenner”

  1. Years ago I worked in West Allis and Rep Sensenbrenner was doing a walk through to gather votes. Even though I wasn’t in his district, he spent time discussing some issues. In particular we talked judge appointments. He was right on in his assessment of what the senate would do concerning who we were talking about.

    Quite different from my representative, Gwen Moore who I’ve never heard from other than a mailer once a year.

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