Inauguration Notes

by thoughtfulconservative

A New Chapter begins

I will update this during the day. Times are Central. It will also stay at the top for today. New posts can be found below.

10:47 Well, I keep finding these. Via a tweet from Sean Hackbarth, we see that some are not happy with how things turned out for ticket holders. And we want government running more of our lives?

9:32 OK, one more. Here are transcripts of previous inaugural addresses from President Reagan’s first to Dubya’s second.

6:32 No more for this post and I’ll remove the “stickiness.”

4:42 I found the text of the poem read at the inauguration.

3:46 Via Ann Althouse, Roy Endroso at The Village Voice notes conservative blogger reaction. You won’t like what he says, but there are a ton of links to posts from the right.

3:09 PBS has a tag cloud for Obama’s speech posted. Tag clouds

visually demonstrate how often key words were spoken in each president’s inaugural address; the larger the word, the more frequently it was used.

1:29 Audio of the inauguration speech (mp3).

11:58 Kevin shares a picture of Ed Gillespie and Dana Perino.

11:41 Here’s the text of the speech.

11:18 Via a tweet from Sean Hackbarth, the White House now has a blog.

10:39 NPR reports on Twitter that the Red Cross is overwhelmed with hypothermia cases.

10:25 And, of course, you can’t have a big event in the US anymore without having a security alert.

10:20 A picture of the crowd near the Washington Monument.

10:13 Kevin Binversie is in Washington and twittering some thoughts.

10:09 Renee Crawford is in Washington and blogging the experience.

Ann Althouse is live-blogging.

You can follow @NPRpolitics or probably any news feed. #inaug09 is seeing huge traffic. And I mean huge.

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