Like husband, like wife?

by thoughtfulconservative

Yes, the old saying is different, but Jill Biden seems to act like her husband.

Jill Biden told Oprah Winfrey that Barack Obama had offered her husband a choice between two positions – secretary of state or vice president.

She drew a swift “Shhh” from Joe Biden and a statement from his office three hours later clarifying her remarks.

How do you “clarify” something like that? From Biden’s spokeswoman,

“Like anyone who followed the presidential campaign this summer, Dr. Jill Biden knew there was a chance that President-elect Obama might ask her husband to serve in some capacity and that, given his background, the positions of Vice President and Secretary of State were possibilities,” the statement said. “Dr. Biden’s point to Oprah today was that being Vice President would be a better fit for the family because they would get to see him more and get to participate in serving more.”


It’s gonna be a fun four years.

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