Reason number 1,352 why I don’t watch MSDNC

by thoughtfulconservative

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In not dignifying at least the office if not the man, the famed MSDNC duo of Olbermann and Matthews lose dignity themselves. Of course, they had none in the first place.

They also lose dignity for their network, but I guess the network bigwigs are finding their niche as evidenced by the recent addition of Air America’s Rachel Maddow.

President Bush has more class than both of these “pundits” combined.

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10 Comments to “Reason number 1,352 why I don’t watch MSDNC”

  1. They make me puke. I have no desire for Obama to fail as his undoing would likely affect me in some way. But, a part of me hopes he botches up in some way as to prove he wasn’t fit for the position just so I could watch their reactions.

    If I may, again, borrow from the AB . . . what a pair of assnozzles.

  2. I actually tried to watch the video of those two. I can’t believe either of them have a job. Got half way through it, and felt the bile starting to rise. Had to shut it down.

  3. I won’t even watch Sunday night football when Olberbutt is on.

  4. That’s a fair enough position to take, I suppose. However, I think the positions that Joe Scarborough takes on that very same network tend to at least somewhat offset and balance what Olbermann and Maddow do.

    And really, are Olbermann and Maddow substantively different than Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity? If Fox News ever offers a strong counterpoint to those two, I could take a lot more seriously all the complaints about MSNBC.

  5. @apc

    Yes, there is actually a HUGE difference between the four. While it’s obvious that Hannity is conservative, he does not sling the mud. He’s the one the broke the Wright story that the media ignored for a year. Why? Well, you’d have to ask them, but even that is pretty obvious. Both Hannity and O’Reilly have gone after the ‘right’ when they’ve done something stupid.

    Tingles (Matthews, in case you couldn’t figure it out)? The man has NO objectivity. Nothing the left does is ever wrong, even if it’s illegal. Olbermann? The man is just plain nuts. If he ever had any objectivity, it was lost long ago.

    The major difference? Fox does at least attempts to get all sides of the story. MSNBC does not!

    And they did have a strong left voice. Colmes was one of the few who didn’t completely drink the kool aid, but was proven wrong, time after time. Gretta Van Sustern? Well, she’s a crime type, but she’s still fairly left. The majority of those on Fox are more balanced than anyone on either CNN or MSNBC. That isn’t just my opinion. The polls, which the left seem to put so much stock in, say it too. 🙂

  6. Kate, with all due respect, I’m going to have to disagree with most of what you say. To call Alan Colmes a strong voice on anything is misguided at best. Colmes is a feckless milquetoast who buckled under to Hannity every single time. To those of us actually on the left, he was an absolute joke. He wasn’t proven wrong time after time; he merely refused to stand up for himself and his point of view.

    I’m sorry, but to say that Fox attempts to get all sides of the story is simply wrong. I’m certainly not saying that MSNBC presents a 50-50 view of everything, but to say that Fox’s motto of “Fair and Balanced” is anything other than a mockery of journalistic objectivity reveals a serious lack of research. I don’t know which polls you’re looking at for that info, but most reputable polls have NPR and public television as far and away the most objective.

    I do have to agree about Tingles, though (love that nickname). The man’s a joke.

  7. Heh. Then, I guess we can, civilly, agree to disagree. I saw Colmes, not as milquetoast, but as someone who went on feelings, and was disputed by facts. Which, I’m sorry to say, a great many on the left does these days. Well, they’ve been doing it for decades, but for the sake of my sanity…. 🙂 See, I know this cuz I use to be on the left.

  8. Fair enough, and by the way, I suppose we’re kind of reverse-doppelgangers. I grew up out in West Texas and used to be on the right. 🙂

  9. Got lost, eh? Heh. I hear they have these great new gadgest….GPS. Help ya find your way back. 😛

  10. In the words of the great hymn: “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.” 😉

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