Scott Walker, malfeasant?

by thoughtfulconservative

Capper tries to convince of a recall by asking, “Is Walker malfeasant?” and devoting the rest of his post to citing actions by Walker that show that he is.

He was responding to a post by the Journal Sentinel editorial board against capper’s call to recall.

While we disagree with Walker’s stand this week that he’s not going to ask for federal stimulus money – and have disagreed with him on some other issues – disagreement is not a reason to have someone recalled. That’s what elections are for.

I can understand why capper and his friends dislike Walker. And I really have no horse in this race except Walker’s conservatism, since I live in Waukesha county. And they are certainly free to seek a recall.

But I just wonder if they could exert their influences in a better direction.

First of all, Walker has been re-elected twice. I’m sure liberals wonder why, but obviously his politics resonate with Milwaukee voters. Unless they can show real malfeasance, the recallers are doomed to failure.

Secondly, if the items capper listed are the best they can come up with, I don’t think they’ve proven their case for malfeasance, even by the definition capper linked to. Malfeasance to me means wrongdoing or gross negligence. I don’t think these items would show that. Oh, to the recall enthusiasts they do, but not John Public.

As the MJS said, disagreement is not a reason to have someone recalled.

But, hey, knock yourselves out. You won’t have Bush to kick around anymore.

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13 Comments to “Scott Walker, malfeasant?”

  1. I’ll give you a more detailed example.

    The public assistance call center, in 2008’s budget, was fully funded to have 25 workers that would answer the phones AND have access to the State’s computer system to check on status, enter updates so that the client didn’t have to come in, and the such. Please note that State law requires that only government workers have access to this program.

    Instead, Walker only hired ten people, leaving the other 15 positions empty. There has been no explanation to where the money for those 15 workers went. Things were so bad, that a federal lawsuit has been filed, and the County has already admitted that they weren’t meeting the needs of the people.

    Suddenly, for the 2009 budget, like magic, Walker has contracted UW-Milwaukee to provide 10 workers that will have access to the computer system, and with a private agency that would provide 28 workers to only answer the phone and take messages. These 28 workers would not be able to answer questions on status, and would not be able to enter updated information. These messages would be passed on to the 10 UWM workers who would have to try to call these people back to confirm the information, or to answer the question. If the caller was not available, that would further delay the process.

    The County board countered with an amendment to staff 30 county workers that could answer the phones AND do the necessary work. Walker vetoed it.

    Now, due to their power struggles, there is nothing in the budget to identify who will be doing the work. Meanwhile, Walker transferred the missing workers to the call center, leaving other departments short-staffed.

    Walker’s argument for understaffing the center was to save money. But no money was saved as that the money was already budgeted. Furthermore, if the County loses the lawsuit, and that is likely, they will be out any punitive costs, and the County will still have to pay the workers that they should have in the first place. To pile on the mess, Walker’s refusal to properly manage the call center has cost the County millions of dollars worth of a job training contract, and is about to cost them an even bigger contract with Family Care.

    While what Walker did might have been not technically illegal, it sure as hell was negligent, and for the purpose of political gain. (I’m still waiting for him to release his campaign’s financial statement to see if the private agency, or its top officers donated to Walker. I do have other examples of where this has happened before.) Furthermore, it was demonstratively harmful, and against the public trust.

  2. BTW, who is this Dean fella?

  3. It would be great if you expected the same level of performance from Democrats, capper.

  4. LOL, capper. He’s my nom de plume as I assume Chris is for you. After all, we are famous and have to protect our identities.

    Okay, seriously, you guys may (though I would still disagree) have a point. But didn’t you make it during the election? It wasn’t that long ago. As you note, there’s been objections to the way Walker has been executive for awhile.

    But you do make a good point that not all spending cuts result in less spending.

  5. I do Amy. I’ve criticized Doyle for not taking measures to fix foster care. I’ve also taken even the liberal members of the county board to task.

    But you just don’t want to see it. It doesn’t fit your skewed sense of reality.

    Dean, the election was last April. The call center stuff only came out at the end of 2008. There were other things that could have been used by Taylor, like Walker refusing to get the non-represented employees to sign waivers on their pension enhancers, like he promised he would.

    But Taylor was not a very good candidate for that spot, and ran a crappy campaign to boot. Besides, that was all before I became famous. Or is that infamous?

  6. Taylor was not a good candidate, I’ll agree with you there.

    Maybe your fame (infame? infamity?) will help this time. I wouldn’t think so, but politics is funny. I think Scott’s done a pretty good job, but that’s from my admittedly skewed perspective.

  7. You can think he’s doing good. You don’t live here, or have to hear the complaints on a daily basis.

  8. Well, I may not live there, but there’s plenty of to read. But you’re right. If I had a vested interest, I might see things differently.

  9. I live in the city of Milwaukee and I work in a very politically left environment and I don’t hear very many gripes at all. I have to admit that as famous as you may be Crapper, I’ve never heard of you before. I guess I need to get out more.

    I think you make quite a jump in stating that all of County Executive Walkers’ decisions are for his personal gain of being the Gov of this fine state. It could be that he actually believes in what he is doing and also believes that his political views are what is needed for the state.

    Whether you agree or not is what politics is about. Get one of your possible candidates ready to run after the next election for Governor, as I hear there might be an opening for Milwaukee County Exec.

  10. I guess old Sammy, besides not being very thoughtful or cognitive, has problems with selective hearing.

    As for Walker, yes, he could believe all that. Then again, pigs may fly.

    But Sam is correct on one thing, there will be an opening for County Exec, but it has nothing to do with Doyle winning re-election. Walker will be gone before then, if there is a God.

  11. Tell me Capper when Walker tried to fire those courthouse employees caught on film sleeping on the job and the County Board stepped in to save those workers what of that?

    Fact is Walker has tried to hold the line on spending, something no other elected official in Milwaukee County has tried to do. For that crime leftists like yourself hate him for trying to halt the growth of government.

    It does not surprise in the least that someone who works for the County would be screaming about it.

  12. Fred-

    It does not surprise me that you again have the facts all jumbled up and wrong. You are famous for doing that.

    There was one worker, and she went through discipline hearings. You fail to mention that Walker had the video in his possession for months, but only used it when he tried to garner public support for trying to force the County Board to waste more money on his sweetheart deals. The Board saved his butt from the unfair practice lawsuit that was coming his way, as that this all happened during contract negotiations.

    Speaking of which, said contract, which Walker claimed would save the taxpayers money, was written by David Riemer. Riemer ran unsuccessfully against Walker in 2004, and was sent to save Walker’s tush by Gov. Doyle. The contract was almost identical to the one the unions proposed three years earlier, and would have saved tax payers over $3 million, except Walker was too busy trying to run for governor. After he was forced out of the race, he gave the unions a $250 signing bonus just to get it done.

    That contract expired 12/31/08. He is running again. Perhaps we will get a $500 signing bonus this time, eh?

    Walker is not saving money for anyone. He is only deferring the bills for the next person to have to contend with, when they will be even more expensive. But then again, what Republican hasn’t run up huge deficits, then whined when the bills came due?

    Will you be thanking Walker for saving money when the federal lawsuits against him and the County come through? Or will you try to blame it on someone who had nothing to do with Walker’s poor management?

  13. I saw the vid Capper, there were 3 workers in trouble.

    You are just another hack who is afraid to try to cut it outside of your government job security blanket.

    Well guess what Capper, the well is dry, we don’t have enough resources to keep all you government hacks in your sweet no pressure gigs anymore.

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