Less than 24 hours till “24”

by thoughtfulconservative

24Fans.net has several trailers. And a countdown clock. Which I would put on here, but it probably requires JavaScript which WordPress.com pretty much rules out.

This season looks promising. Tony Almeda appears to have switched to the bad guys, Jack is being held accountable for what he’s done in the past, and a female president. Every one knows a female president would be weak (Ducks. Quickly.).

Hopefully it will live up to the previews.

Episodes 1-4 appear to have been leaked although of low quality. You can find some spoilers, too, although not enough to betray alot.

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2 Comments to “Less than 24 hours till “24””

  1. As big a fan as I am of TV shows similar to 24, I’ve never really been able to sit and watch a full season from start to finish. I’m thinking I’ll start with this season though, because I want to see what all the fuss is about…

  2. Females in power : like Thatcher I suppose. Lucretia Borgia would be another reminder about the so-called ‘weaker sex’.
    Things got so bad in India at one time – wives poisoning husbands – that they were buried together ; her not being dead yet a not insurmountable problem.
    I’ve always respected the idea that women are not on top of the heap because they are better schemers and manipulators : which means as team players they are smart as hell – and under suspicion compared to the dude who can be relied upon to be distracted by sex.
    ’24’ has a dubious distinction : it popularized the ‘ticking time bomb’ so much that people took it for an authentic rationale for torture – rather than realizing that torture stimulates wonderful inventiveness and compliance with anything that might make trauma stop.

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