UW business dean telling people to spend

by thoughtfulconservative

From WISN Milwaukee

Even as millions of Americans watch their retirement savings drop with the ebbs and flows of the stock market, the dean of the University of Wisconsin’s business school said that people need to stop saving and start spending.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, we’re not all deans at state universtities.

Even though I am a Dean.

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2 Comments to “UW business dean telling people to spend”

  1. Doesn’t really matter if you’re a dean or not. He’s still wrong. The current financial problems may be reduced in the short term by increased spending, but at the cost of making the recovery take longer. In the long term, it’s precisely that saving that will result in the necessary capital investments required to turn things around.

  2. Besides if people are afraid of the future, like whether they will have a job or not, they’re gonna be tucking money away for a rainy day like they should be anyway.

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