Something for you to mull

by thoughtfulconservative

Just browsing election returns in Minnesota.

Here we find in Maplewood P-06 that the total number of voters, those who signed in on election day, those who registered on election day, military ballots and absentee ballots is 1396.

The final recount totals (PDF file p. 66 has the results) for that precinct have Coleman 596, Franken 719 and others 249, totalling [mumble, mumble, carry the 3, um, unintelligible, divide by 2] 1564 votes.


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4 Comments to “Something for you to mull”

  1. Does this surprise you?

  2. The Wall Street Journal has a few of those anomalies listed also. It’s time for the Republicans to dig in and fight like they care.

  3. The WSJ article is full of holes and falsehoods:

    But that is an interesting observation. Just skimming the SoS pdf, that is the only precinct with that kind of change in numbers, nothing else even comes close. Probably worth looking into, although the net gain for Franken is a slim part of his present margin.

  4. Yeah, I saw later it was about the only Precinct that way which was why I didn’t claim any further.

    But it was interesting. Sure would like to know more about those numbers. I’ll look at your links later, JAY.

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