From Where I Sit hacked

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE IV: He’s up again.

UPDATE III: He’s been hit again. From Twitter,

Man, this guy is good.

UPDATE II: Everything’s fixed.

UPDATE: His other sites haven’t been hacked so it’s just the blog.

The site is still up but has a new weird looking page, which implies they broke his security.

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9 Comments to “From Where I Sit hacked”

  1. Yeah, it’s so inconsiderate. I had to watch Regis Philbin instead.

  2. X-damn it! Oh, the humanity!

    Seriously, that was one of my must read sites. Now, I’m here. I just might have to take up drinking or sniffing glue or something. 🙂

  3. Seriously, where is Elliot?

  4. If his blog is on his company server, probably trying to figure out how the creep broke in.

    If he doesn’t know yet, he might sipping a Chardonnay and watching Goldfinger on BBC-America.

  5. He’s been re-hacked…

  6. Let’s see who wears out first, me or the hacker. 😉

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