Why more American-made vehicles aren’t sold

by thoughtfulconservative

Because they sell crap like the Ford Focus and won’t stand behind their work.

The Ford Focus’ most common problem, according complaints from Focus owners, is the key won’t turn in the ignition, or the key gets stuck in the ignition.

My daughter had another problem with hers, for the third time her key wouldn’t turn in the ignition.

It’s a common problem, as you can tell from the 25 pages of comments at the link–there are other links and more pages, but I won’t bore you. Well, maybe with five more pages of comments.

Ford’s response? It’s out of warranty. Ford told a TV investigation:

“The company constantly monitors the performance of its vehicles in the field and when an issue is identified, we will take action in the interest of customer safety and satisfaction … A report of an incident does not necessarily indicate a defect trend.”

Yeah, right.

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