Catching up on the blog roll

by thoughtfulconservative

A few more I’ve run across, the first,WAG THE DOG by Bryan Maersch whose tag line is “In Frankin Politics, the tail often WAGS the DOG!”

I can’t believe I hadn’t yet linked to Greg Kowalski’s blog Metro Milwaukee Today. He also has a Franklin blog on the same site, Franklin Today.

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3 Comments to “Catching up on the blog roll”

  1. Thanks Dean for both adds! Usually only my MMT blog gets the honor of being on another bloggers’ blogroll, since no one truly cares about Franklin outside of Franklin!

    Anyways, it’s much appreciated.

  2. No problem guys. I’m a compulsive linker. And especially Wisconsin blogs. Who knows who’s going to cross my path? Good luck in the Cheddarsphere.

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