Digital transition – one more thing

by thoughtfulconservative

Your wireless mics frequency may need to change,

This was something that I wasn’t aware of until this week. If anyone uses wireless mics for your group or church, you may need to adjust your frequencies after the DTV transition is complete. I’ll be honest and say that I know very little about sound equipment, so maybe some of you tech-heads can clue me in with further details about how the new DTV channels will affect wireless signals.

More at the link, including a statement from Shure.

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4 Comments to “Digital transition – one more thing”

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. This is very true – any capable sound guy (and even some of the the incapable ones!) should’ve known about this a long time ago… hopefully there won’t be too many surprised musicians out there!

  3. Well….

    You could always just leave the mike where it is and have “Seinfeld” piped in as sermon materials…

  4. You’re right, Ally, and this was sort of an old post, but not something I had seen elsewhere, so hopefully things will be set everywhere.

    Dad29, wonder what that happening a few times would do for attendance? 🙂

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