The firings have started

by thoughtfulconservative

Football season is barely over and three coaches have been given their walking papers. The St. Petersburg Times is calling for Gruden’s head.

More to follow, I’m sure.

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6 Comments to “The firings have started”

  1. I agree. A few more coaches will definitely go before this is all said and done.


  2. Gruden is gone, I’d bet money on it…if I had it, that is. I too am a thoughtful conservatve.

  3. This is the most brutal thing that happen in the arena…I mean when the team did not play and don’t deliver a satisfactory performance…..I mean why the first person that kicked out is the coach..I mean the one who plays are the players not the coach…

  4. It’s going to be an interesting offseason, that’s for sure. In addition to the coaching firings you mentioned, Bill Parcells has the ability to opt out of his contract with the Dolphins if he so chooses, and obviously there’d be a tremendous bidding war for his services if he chose to opt out and go somewhere else.

  5. Thanks for all the comments. The only thing I would add Bryan is that so many times a certain amount of “luck” is involved. Take Green Bay’s loss to Chicago. A little different kick brings victory to the Packers and not the Bears. Throw a few of those into the mix, a missed tackle, a broken tackle, a catch instead of a drop, and you could go one way or the other maybe three victories.

    But the coach gets the blame. I liked the Jets management’s statement about their coach, “We hope to build upon his success.” Eh?

    The Bucs did the same with Dungy. He had taken them to the playoffs, but the Glazers wanted more so they got Gruden who did take them to the Super Bowl but not much since.

  6. Zach, indeed a lot of things could happen in the next few months. Parcels, man, who wouldn’t want to get him?

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