Who knew there were so many kinds of mosquito?

by thoughtfulconservative

The Christian Science Monitor has Jungle diary, Part 2 up on their website.

I could identify. For example,

The jungle is beautiful – filled with mangroves, sago palms, breadfruit trees, and thousands of different species of orchids. The thick insect life, upon which I mostly will harp from here on out, is astonishing. Papua is home to some 800 species of spiders, 30,000 kinds of beetles, and who knows how many sorts of mosquitoes. This is a place of frogs, bowerbirds, cockatoos, and parrots, where 120-pound flightless birds called cassowaries are king and wild pigs roam free.

Beautiful but hot and humid,

I spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the pros and cons of my long-sleeved shirt – humidity and sweat dictate it should be off, mosquitoes eating me alive prompt me to put it back on. On breaks from considering this dilemma, I am focused on the delicate art of not flying off the wet logs we traverse into murky swamps beyond. With an annual rainfall of about 200 inches, Papua is one of the wettest, and muddiest, places on earth.

The scars on my shins will testify to those slippery logs.

And the most humorous for me? This bit,

And the Korowai? Our first encounter with a jungle member of this tribe is, shall we say, underwhelming. The man has a bone through his nose and is naked from the waist down save for what looks like the cap of an acorn, strategically placed. But he also sports a red T-shirt reading http://www.komodoadventure.com. Cut video. I am worried that this is not the real thing.

The Korowai is the supposedly cannibalistic tribal group they went to investigate. The “ignorant savage” version of the “bait and switch.” You may think there’s nothing going on upstairs, but these guys are sharp.

And the article ends with,

I miss the corner cafe back home.

Not quite as glamorous as National Geographic makes it look sometimes.

This part is short. Here is part one, and my post on it.

By the way, what is the most deadly member of the animal kingdom?

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