The winter of 78/79

by thoughtfulconservative

Dad29 remembers a winter long ago.

Some of you will recall the Winter of 78/79. (77/78?) It was as bad as this one; snow piled up all over the place, piled to “top-of-your-car” heights on the Milwaukee street-sides.

I remember seeing a picture of a house in Buffalo; nicely surrounded by a layer of the white stuff. Then you read the caption and find out it’s a two story house and you’re looking at the second story because snow is obscuring the first.

We traveled from FL to OH in Jan., ’79, I believe (Yes, we were young and crazy). We spent a couple of weeks in the Knoxville area and left on a morning where it was -3 F. We never got above zero the whole day. My wife’s hometown had a record low of -20.

Oh, did I mention we were driving a Dodge window van? The heater just couldn’t keep up. We hung a blanket behind the front seats and put our oldest on one of those bouncer thingies between the front seats (Yes, kids, no child seat laws back then).

We took warm breaks every about every hour, stopping at a gas station and going inside to warm up.

Those were the good ol’ days.

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