Waukesha Carnival – Christmas week edition

by thoughtfulconservative

Welcome to the Christmas edition of the carnival. No witty themes here. Just the best posts from Waukesha county bloggers in the previous week as determined by me. If you have come across one you like, you can add them in the comments.

Let’s start out with weather-related posts. Huckleberry Dumbell at Spring City Chronicle reminds us it’s only 80 days to the Brewer’s first spring training game.

With all the snow piled up Dad29 gives a few suggestions for combatting the visual impediments. He’s just kidding. I think. Although having the last option would be sweet.

Curt Otto at Maple & Main, a California transplant, sometimes wishes he were back in California, until he remembers what lurks there.

Locally, Scott Feldstein contends that hand-carved locally produced spam is still spam, even when it’s for a good cause.

Jeff at Five Points Blog gives us a two week catch-up. He deals with the openings in downtown Waukesha.

Let’s zoom out to state-wide posts. James Wigderson highlights his Thursday column in the Waukesha Freeman on his blog, Wigderson Library & Pub, which is about Jeff Woods being unfit to serve in the Legislature. Hey, it’s only his third OWI.

State Senator Mary Lazich lists her committee assignments for the new session at her blog Conservatively Speaking.

Concerning the national scene, Dan Deibart at The D Spot comments on a Saturday Night Live skit that did not please New York governor David Patterson.

Cindy Kilkenny writes the last part of her series on Rebuilding the GOP at Fairly Conservative.

It’s Christmas, so we have to have a Christmas post. Tom Gehl obliges us at Brookfield Basics by telling us one of his favorite things about the season is the music. Mine, too. I started playing My 95.7 and the Mix as soon as they started playing Christmas music. 🙂

Finally, a couple of general posts. MommaBlogger is not just baking and crafts at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. She gives a nice little rant here.

Josh from Blog Waukesha is in Poland and has posted pictures.

That’s it for this week. If you run across a post in the coming week you think should be here, you can submit it a couple of ways. Put the link in a comment on this post, send me an e-mail a thoughtfulconservative [at] yahoo [com] or submit it using this submission form. You can read past editions here.


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