Tampa Bay Buccaneers control playoff destiny

by thoughtfulconservative

My Tampa Bay Buccaneers can still make the playoffs because, wait for it, “the Rams stink a little bit more than the Seahawks.”

Three cheers for parity.

In any three-way tie for a wild card, the reigning law is to use division tiebreakers to whittle down teams from the same division. So, in this case, the Falcons and Bucs would essentially go to the judge’s cards for a decision.

Since their schedules are the same except for two dates (Tampa Bay had the Cowboys and Seahawks while Atlanta had the Eagles and Rams), the Bucs and Falcons could end up with nearly identical cases. And that means the first four tiebreakers (head-to-head, division record, record in common games, record in the conference) would solve nothing.

Which could bring them to the fifth tiebreaker: the coin flip known as strength of victory.

This involves adding the records of all the opponents you have beaten and figuring out who beat better teams. If the Falcons, Cowboys and Bucs finish 11-5, the strength of victory tiebreaker would come down to the records of the Seahawks (3-11) and Rams (2-12).

Go Seahawks.


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