Police close books on Walsh killing

by thoughtfulconservative

Yahoo! News

has a story about the police ending their investigation of the killing of Adam Walsh, the young son of John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted.

What it also did, said Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard Moran, is make children and adults alike exponentially more afraid.

“He ended up really producing a generation of cautious and afraid kids who view all adults and strangers as a threat to them and it made parents extremely paranoid about the safety of their children,” Moran said.

Seems like a harsh judgment. So are parents being more paranoid than they should be?

2 Comments to “Police close books on Walsh killing”

  1. I’ve been told I’m a little paranoid, but I’d rather be criticized for that than take a chance with my child. In this life, we don’t get do-overs and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  2. Yeah, same here. Our oldest was 5 in ’81 and we taught all of our kids to be suspicious of strangers. Doesn’t mean they were, but fortunately all of the strangers were nice. I prefer to err on the safe side also.

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