Pressure on the US dollar to continue

by thoughtfulconservative

Via Kyle Prast, comes an article titled, With Billions in Bailout Funds Flowing, the “Peso-fication” of the Dollar Continues.

The plethora of bank and corporate bailouts, stimulus plans and interest-rate cuts that the U.S. government has produced over the last three months can only lead to one outcome: The U.S. dollar has to decline.

Read the whole article.

Says Ms. Prast, who notes she might go into the wheelbarrow business,

Our government acts like they can give out billions of bailout and stimulus money with no consequences.

But history tells us no economy can thrive by printing up and passing out dollars. It did not work for Germany, where you practically needed a wheelbarrow to hold your Marks to buy a loaf of bread. “In 1914 one egg cost less than one mark. Nine years later an egg was 80,000,000,000 (eighty billion marks).”

Wheelbarrow, anyone?


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