Signs of the Apocalypse

by thoughtfulconservative

Luck of draw hurts Lottery

An extraordinary lucky streak for Maryland lottery players has meant more bad news for a state budget already hobbled by the recession.

Economy’s Latest Victim: The Holiday Office Party

A record number of companies have dropped holiday parties this year while others are scaling back how much they spend, what they serve and/or how many people they invite.

This would have been the kind of thing I would have expected to read at Dad29 and have him point out another sign of the recession: Wastepaper market in the dumps

Ordinarily, much of the scrap would have been shipped to China, where it would be mashed into pulp and recycled into new cardboard boxes to package many of the goods destined for American store shelves.

But American consumers aren’t buying so many nicely packaged televisions, computers and toys these days. And China’s economy is slowing too.

California fiscal officials try ‘Scared Straight’ approach with Legislature

In the 1970s, hardened felons tried to deter juvenile delinquents from lives of crime through “Scared Straight” presentations in which they portrayed prison life in all its brutal unpleasantness.

On Monday, California’s top fiscal officers attempted to deliver a similar jolt to state legislators who have yet to address a $28-billion projected budget gap.


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