Turning the Bible on its Head

by thoughtfulconservative

Or at least trying to. In Newsweek’s latest edition, a Lisa Miller attempts to make a religious case for gay marriage.

I don’t have time to fisk this whole article, so I’ll let Dr. Albert Mohler do it for me.

If homosexuals want to make a case based on freedom and equality, they will find a sympathetic ear.

But a Biblical case? Sorry, it won’t wash.

2 Comments to “Turning the Bible on its Head”

  1. What worries me is that now both sides are trying to make ethical decisions about the modern world by consulting the ancient writings of people who lived so many centuries ago that they could not possibly even have imagined the one we live in.

  2. In a sense you are right, scott. I see no multi-cultural democracy in the Bible as we have here now in the US and Europe as well as other places.

    But to say they could not have imagined it may be going a bit far. Homosexuality seems to have been fairly common in ancient times.

    And the Bible has much ethical guidance that is beneficial. One may argue that anyone could come up with these values, but it’s not so clear, from observing human nature, that it would happen.

    But I think she was more likely trying to diffuse conservative religious input more than using the Bible for any ethical decision.

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