Health Care

by thoughtfulconservative

Why is it the more I deal with my employer’s heath care network administrators, the better single-payer coverage looks?


3 Comments to “Health Care”

  1. Here’s what always made me laugh when some conservative folks screamed about the massive bureacracy single payer healthcare would create: we already have a massive healthcare bureacracy; it’s just private as opposed to public.

  2. Don’t misunderstand me, Zach, I still would not want to see a single payer system. Why trade one bureaucracy for another? And a private one is preferable to a public one. And I doubt I would like dealing with the public one any better than the private one.

    But one can dream of a world in which bureaucracies would quit acting like bureaucracies.

  3. I think we can safely say that will never happen.

    But I’d like a system of health insurance that covered everyone, costs less, and didn’t scare the pants off everyone about losing their job or becoming ill. Basically, I want the things every other civilized nation has. I don’t care how we get there. If we can do so by dressing up as Ronald Reagan and making a burnt offering to the invisible hand of Adam Smith, fine. It’s just time we actually got there. I suspect–because this is how everyone else has achieved it—that it will involve more government and a lesser role for employer-based private insurance.

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