Eden Political Cartoons

by thoughtfulconservative

Dave Eden draws political cartoons. The one linked to above is the current one and reflects much of what I’ve been blogging about lately.

Now that the economic downturn has been officially labelled a recession and one bailout has already taken place with another being debated, special interests are coming out of the woodwork to claim “their fare share.”

Dave is not one of the “big guns” in cartooning, so be polite (I know all of you are) and ask before downloading and posting on your sites (which is why I have just a link to the cartoon).

I’m adding Dave to my blogroll, too.


One Comment to “Eden Political Cartoons”

  1. Hey thanks, Dean, for posting my toon site. Anytime I can help… FYI: Because I’m not a big gun, feel free to use my ammo as you wish. No legal or financial concerns. For now and always it’s about sharing the truth and impacting hearts. I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

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