Waukesha Carnival – 1,000th post edition

by thoughtfulconservative

Yes, this is my 1,000th post–on WordPress. Combine that with 278 on Tripod and 1,000 or so on Google (I don’t know how many since I have no access to it).

Enough nostalgia. Let’s get on with the posts.

In posts dealing with national issues, we have The Asian Badger, a pilot who flies many places, shares his thoughts on the FAA lowering the security of David Ben Gurion Airport.

Dad29 informs of another possible indicator of the economy’s “health”–something called The Baltic Dry.

Huckleberry Dumbell spent some time at the library looking at the Waukesha Freeman archives reading about the Great Depression. He shares his findings with us at Spring City Chronicle.

Alexander at A Little off Main gives his scenario of how a war between Israel and Iran takes place.

Turning local, Scott Berg gives a report on the Brookfield Common Council meeting of Nov. 18 at 359 Degrees.

Waukesha mayor Larry Nelson shares another Mayor’s Memo with us.

Jeff at Five Points Blog notes his lack of posting lately and “Sweeps the streets of Waukesha.”

Leaf riots in Waukesha. James Wigderson reports at Wigderson Library & Pub with not one but two posts.

Over at Conservatively Speaking, Wisconsin state senator Mary Lazich (aide Kevin Fischer?) posts on Wisconsin and the New Economy.

In miscellaneous posts, Josh at Blog Waukesha reviews some of the Digital conversion boxes on the market.

MommaBlogger at Homemaker’s Guide to the Galaxy lists blogs she reads. Let’s see. Nope. Not on the list.

At Practically Speakng, Kyle Prast looks at class sizes then and now.

Scott Feldstein says don’t look at the calendar. It’s winter.

That completes this week’s post. If you have a post you would like to nominate, whether yours or someone else’s, just put a link in the comment of this post.


One Comment to “Waukesha Carnival – 1,000th post edition”

  1. Musings of historical note of the day and any other thing that suits me show up at http://www.wlky.com/symon-sez/index.html

    I’m a meteorologist so I do some weather…got hot during the hurricane season. Still lots of Ike Photos and stuff (some 300 still missing as of late October…and its the 3rd costliest hurricane in US history yet there is no national coverage…wonder why?) But, I also am a published historian and was a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch, so I got some ideas. Check it out and add some ideas of your own…I’m guessing you have some thoughts to share.

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