I’m #2

by thoughtfulconservative

BlogNetNews.com’s “Wisconsin Influence Ranking” has me ranked at #2 this week. We all know who’s #1 and why.

For the uninitiated, BNN’s Influence ranking is a complicated formula based on page views, links, how much money you’ve contributed to BNN, and how often you had gas in the past week.

Who knows? It’s a secret. For all I know they may pull names out of a hat.

Ok, here’s the official explanation,

BlogNetNews’ Blogosphere Influence Rating combines a variety of data sets to determine which blogs are most powerfully influencing the direction of the Wisconsin political blogosphere. The exact method BNN uses to calculate influence scores must remain proprietary in order to prevent attempts to game the system. BNN’s methodology takes into account the fact that all Internet data is profoundly limited in its reliability by using multiple data sets that, when combined, reveal a fair picture of activity in the blogosphere.

Do I care what they use? No.

Because I’m ranked #2!

For a week anyway.

No doubt it was because so many people had kind things to say about me recently. Thanks.

Or maybe it was because the #1 guy linked to me.

4 Responses to “I’m #2”

  1. LOL If you ever figure it out, would ya let me know???

  2. And not one of word of thanks to the benevolent editor (even though he has absolutely no control, maybe even less than that, over the ratings). Pththththt!


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