Gloom, despair, etc.

by thoughtfulconservative

Frankie Busalacchi’s Big Problem

Wine buyers are sobered by Wall Street meltdown

Budget cuts hamper abilities of prosecutors across U.S.

Regulators close down 3 more banks, bringing total to 22

Games of chance: Lotto or Wall Street

Mortgage meltdown results in pets going to pound

As jobless funds fall, states look to raise taxes

Credit market freeze may claim local governments as victims

But Dad29 brings us some good news.


4 Comments to “Gloom, despair, etc.”

  1. Gloom, despair, and agony on me!
    Deep dark depression, excessive misery!
    If it weren’t fer bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair and agony on meeee!

  2. Yes, that little ditty came to me as I wrote.

  3. It is cruel and digusting to give up your beloved pet just because things aren’t going the way YOU want them too. I swore the day I got my dog that I would not COULD not give her up.

  4. I understand, Joe, but people were giving up kids in Nebraska, so pets would naturally be given up too.

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