Still more share the wealth

by thoughtfulconservative

Share the Wealth IX – Facing Shortfalls, States Seek Financial Help From Washington

Share the Wealth X – Federal money tempts community banks

Share the Wealth XI – Public officials compile extensive wish lists for Obama administration

If you’ve been elected to something somewhere in California, you’re probably writing a wish list for President-elect Barack Obama.

Share the Wealth XII – Paulson resists Democrats’ call to rescue homeowners

Share the Wealth XIII –Pinnacle wants a piece of the TARP

The largest bank based in Nashville this morning said it has asked to take part in the U.S. Treasury’s program to shore up banks’ capital.

Share the Wealth XIII – Governor seeks power to stanch red ink

With the economy reeling, Gov. Rod Blagojevich proposed Tuesday to address Illinois’ multibillion-dollar deficit by asking state lawmakers to give him more power and for federal lawmakers to send more money.


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