10 illegal job interview questions

by thoughtfulconservative

UPDATE: grumps has a “slight” twist on these questions that is worth your time.

TechRepublic.com’s “10 Things” blog recently had a post on Steer clear of these 10 illegal job interview questions

Here are the 10 questions you can’t be asked (and if you are in HR, you can’t ask interviewees):

1: Where were you born?
2: What is your native language?
3: Are you married?
4: Do you have children?
5: Do you plan to get pregnant?
6: How old are you?
7: Do you observe Yom Kippur?
8: Do you have a disability or chronic illness?
9: Are you in the National Guard?
10: Do you smoke or use alcohol?


5 Responses to “10 illegal job interview questions”

  1. Thats interesting about the National Guard one. While I knew that you couldn’t ask it as a question… I see many resumes where it’s stated very plainly that they are. Part of their job experience almost always includes their time in the Armed Forces, and they put their current National Guard time on there as well.

    As an interviewer, I usuall take the time to ask about what they do in the National Guard if its on their resume (they volunteered the information), not to rule them out, but to give them an opportunity to talk about any leadership experience, etc… it usually makes for a better candidate.

  2. The National Guard one surprised me, too.

  3. Wake up call: many employers will not hire someone if they think Guard duty could interfere with their work.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, scott, I understand why. I was just not expecting it.

    Like, Nick, if I were an employer, I would want to balance missed work with what they might bring to the company. But they shouldn’t be discriminated against if they are, just like the rest of the list.


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