“The Wall of Separation”

by thoughtfulconservative

Daniel L. Dreisbach, professor of justice, law, and society at American University and author of Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation between Church and State, wrote recently at a sub-site of Christianity Today about the history of Jefferson’s famous wall of separation remark. It’s broken up into two parts which you can find here and here.

It was interesting reading.


3 Comments to ““The Wall of Separation””

  1. Thanks for the links. I found the second one to be more interesting for the quotes used against Jefferson if he were to be elected President:

    “we may see the Bible cast into a bonfire, the vessels of the sacramental supper borne by an ass in public procession, and our children … chanting mockeries against God … [to] the ruin of their religion, and the loss of their souls.”

    “the promotion of an infidel to high office would encourage public immorality and lead to the ‘destruction of all social order and happiness.'”

    “The campaign rhetoric was so vitriolic that when news of Jefferson’s election swept across the country, housewives in Federalist New England were seen burying their family Bibles in their gardens or hiding them in wells because they expected the Scriptures to be confiscated and burned by the new administration.”

    Sound familiar? And now he has a memorial.

  2. I also find it ironic that given all that history, for more than 125 years, members of Congress were gifted with a free copy of the Jefferson Bible.

    The history and content of that particular version of the bible is rather interesting in and of itself.

  3. Yeah, Nick, it was quite the campaign. And Jefferson was quite a different kind of guy.

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