Yankees’ offer baffles Melvin

by thoughtfulconservative

It does? Why?

This is the Yankees’ organization we’re talking about, right? Aren’t they known for signing players to rich contracts?

Twenty three and 1/3 million is not that big a jump from the $20 million reportedly offered by the Brewers.

And wasn’t Melvin the GM for the Rangers when they signed A-Rod to what was viewed as a ridiculously high contract?

Which CC will the Brewers (or Yankees) get? First half of last year? Or second half of last year?

2 Comments to “Yankees’ offer baffles Melvin”

  1. As a Yankees fan, I’d be happy with a CC that falls somewhere in between first half CC and second half CC.

  2. Yeah, that would probably work. And the Yankees could use some starting pitching, it seems.

    As a confirmed Yankee hater (Sorry, it has something to do with being and Orioles then a Rays fan–I hate the Red Sox, too), I nevertheless admire their organization and success.

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