Whither the GOP?

by thoughtfulconservative

This is not opinion, just some articles/posts I’ve run across. Most of my thoughts are here and here, although I may add some here.

Cindy Kilkenny had some thoughts that I agree with here and here. She promises more. She promises to answer four questions,

1) What went wrong? [Ed.–Part 1]
2) Where to look next. [Ed.–Part 2]
3) Rebuilding the Wisconsin GOP.
4) Rebuilding the national party.

The only thing I might quibble with in part one is that it may be harder to be moderate on the abortion issue (she is, and I pretty much am) and keep those social conservatives that Christine Todd Whitman seems to think the GOP is hostage to (she refers to them as “social fundamentalists.” I think Ms. Whitman fails to observe that social fundamentalists–I prefer to simply refer to them as “traditionalists”– passed Proposition 8 in California, which ofter votes Democratic). I have a similar quibble with elliot on the immigration question. I believe they’re both right, but it’s easier to say we have to convince people than it is to do it.

In Part 2, she refered to this article by Rep. Paul Ryan.

In OnMilwaukee.com there was this article by Steve Jagler who talked with Craig Peterson, a conservative political advisor. Some of what was written was right on, others (Sarah Palin) I disagreed with.

This LA Times article looks at the Republican Governors Conference and thoughts coming out of it on what the GOP needs to do. Again, some I think are good, some not so much.

One more article looks at five governors to watch (Christ, FL; Jindal, LA; Daniels, IN; Palin, Alaska; Pawlenty, MI).

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